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Founded in January 2004, TRUE Clarity is a continuance of a long-term commitment by its management team to both local and multi-national companies based in Asia. TRUE Clarity’s managing director and senior consultant, Mr. James McCracken has been based in Thailand since 1994.

Today, TRUE Clarity maintains its commitment to providing and supporting best-of-breed customer solutions designed to meet business needs of Thai and multi-national corporations. There is pressure for organisations to continuously improve their business processes to meet the increasing demands of customers, where the expectation is higher, the needs are more complex, and the demand to improve their efficiencies is critical as they all compete in today’s globalization.

TRUE Clarity skilled professionals work together assisting the company to expand its product offering and breadth of skills. This collection of complimentary activities and skills will continue to make TRUE Clarity viable and strong. Thus, TRUE Clarity continually seeks highly skilled professionals with specialist skills in business process consulting, project management, business solution architects, business solution integrators and educators.

As a leading provider of CRM strategy and solutions, TRUE Clarity provides the most functionally complete closed-loop sales, marketing and customer service solutions available. TRUE Clarity provides unrivalled software solutions with a responsive service and support infrastructure focusing on seamless integration with legacy applications and telephony systems and ensuring a relationship of trust and loyalty is maintained.

TRUE Clarity’s vision for CRM is a front office strategy that enables companies to derive actionable value from their information and make it work harder for them to improve business processes, better manage customer relationships and increase revenues and decrease inefficiencies. TRUE Clarity’s commitment to absolute customer service is complemented by building strong relationships with customers and strategic alliances with partnering organizations that have a synergy with TRUE Clarity, enabling the utilization of shared resources, technologies and functional competencies to improve overall customer satisfaction.

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