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TRUE Clarity’s professional consultants and developers are continually developing solutions to allow businesses to better manage and enhance their customer relationships efficiently. As our solutions are based on businesses’ current and future needs, we work closely with our clients by providing best of breed solutions, experience in complex systems integration and ongoing customer service. We adhere to our high standard and commitment to developing the right solution on time and within budget for clients.

With our substantial past achievements, particularly in distributing back office information onto desktops, we have successfully developed a unique solution set for CRM, ERP, Cloud, Consulting and Training in Asia. Our successful experience in complex solutions has therefore been clearly distinguished TRUE Clarity from others

Our management have provided solutions for companies globally; major projects have included Solutions in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Italy, Kuwait, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand; for major international corporate clients including BMW, Honda, Toyota, Pizza Hut, KFC, The Pizza Company, TMB Bank, True Corporation and Wall Street English globally.

Addressing the needs of the industry and providing geographic, language, and data independence, our solutions are attractive to clients around Asia. By combining our experience, expertise, TRUE Clarity is very well positioned to provide clients with the best of breed solutions and services for managing their business today and into the future.

With emphasis on developing high-end integrated systems, and value-added consulting services, TRUE Clarity is well positioned in the Global Market Place. Our management bring over their 20 years of experience to fulfill clients’ needs.

Our commitment to absolute customer service is complemented by building strong, long-term relationships with customers and strategic alliances with both local and global organizations.

Strong partnerships will stimulate and facilitate the sharing of resources, technologies and functional competencies to improve overall customer satisfaction.

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